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3 Claveles A team of professionals who bring their know-how, innovation and experience to each piece.
At Bueno Hermanos, S.A., we work around values that allow us to be the best manufacturer of forged scissors in the world, with a constant commitment to quality, innovation and design.

Family Feeling

Proud of our origins and identity, which, through effort and sacrifice, have led us to create a link with society and achieve continuous growth for both the company and the people who work there.

Excellent service. Customer focus

The constant work of all the professionals who are part of Bueno Hermanos, S.A. is focused on satisfying customer needs.

Continuous improvement and learning

Sustainability, training and continuous improvement of the company's production processes and operations, in order to offer the highest quality products and services.


We evolve by focusing on innovation to adapt and offer new products to our customers. We study the needs of professionals and new generations to meet their expectations.

Passion for what we do

Professionalism, know-how and technology are combined with the passion we put into manufacturing quality cutting tools used by professionals in their daily work.

Our factory, located in Logro´┐Żo (La Rioja), is equipped with the best and most modern technology available today, on a surface area of 20.000 m2.

Our products include scissors, knives, kitchen utensils, manicure and pedicure nippers and beauty accessories.